8 Interesting Horse Facts That You Didn’t Know

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Horse facts are simply fascinating. Despite the fact that horses play a big role in human culture, a lot of people do not know much about them. Given below are some of the most interesting facts about horses that most of us are not aware of.

•The horse is one of the very few animals that have both monocular vision and binocular vision. What this means is that it is not only capable of seeing the same thing with both its eyes like humans do, but also capable of seeing two different things at the same time with its eyes if it wants to.

•It is often said that you should not try to walk directly behind a horse. Do you know why? It is because the horse cannot turn its head completely and see directly behind itself. It is what they call its blind spot. So, if you walk up right behind it, it might get scared and might kick you. The kick of a horse, needless to say, can be extremely powerful and can cause very serious injuries. This is one of the most important horse facts you need to remember.

•A male horse is called stallion and a female horse is called mare. Colt is what they call the younger version of a male horse and filly is what they call the younger version of a female horse. Similarly, a baby horse is called a foal.

•The horse, as most of you probably already know, is an herbivore and likes to feed on plant matter. It particularly likes to eat short, juicy grass. They also eat hay. Working horses are usually fed a healthy diet which consists of barley, oats, maize, bran, chaff, processed pony nuts, and more. If you happen to have a horse, this is one of the important horse facts you need to keep in mind.

•Unlike animals like goats, bison, sheep, deer, moose, camels, and elk, horses do not have multiple digestive chambers. They have just one stomach, which is relatively small in size when compared to the overall size of their body. This is why horses do not eat a lot in one stretch. They eat little and often to be able to digest the food easily.

•One of the most fascinating horse facts is that more than 350 breeds of horses are known to us today. They are broadly classified into four groups – light horses, heavy horses, shire ponies, and Caspian ponies.

•The height of a horse is usually not measured in feet. It is measured in special units called ‘hands’. One hand equals four inches. A fully grown, adult horse should be at least 14 hands tall. If it is shorter, it is usually not considered a horse, but a pony.

•A baby horse or foal can stand up and start walking within just one or two hours of birth. Within three or four years, it turns into fully grown, mature, adult horse. This again is one of the interesting horse facts that not many people are aware of.

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