Helping Cats to Behave

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People are usually defined by their choice of pets preference by being the dogs or cats person. But most cat owners agree that rearing cats is a bit more tricky to do with the feline innate proud natural attitude.

But what is defined as bad cat behavior? When your pet cat seems to be having a field day in leaving poop everywhere but on his litter box, it can be a big problem. If your cat tends to scratch all your furniture even if you showed him his scratching post. Felines can also be more dramatically emotional by having their own sets of moods - when they are having an annoyed look in their face, stay clear. You might end up with scratches or bites. Another classic example of bad cat behavior is when your pet cat fights with all the other cats in his immediate environment. If you can, you can found out what caused their behavior in such a way by considering the elements involved in the drastic untoward behavior.

Kittens can be sweet and playful and can be trained where to find the cat litter box, the scratching post, resting bed, and allow them to remember their feeding routines. But when they grow up to be cats, they tend to become too handful to discipline since they develop their own personalities and can be very stubborn. Unlike their dog counterparts, cats just do not have that same subservient attitude towards their master unless they chose to do so.

But what are the ways in helping cats to behave? Unwanted behavior from a cat can be prompted by surprise elements that can up their defenses or at times, felines can just get mischievous and try out your patience. When felines commit mistakes or blunders, they can easily charm you with their sweetness by rubbing against your leg or purring at your touch. Who could not resist how cats say sorry?

But to keep them at a healthy line of discipline and rules, you need to follow some rules to achieve a certain level of assertiveness against the stubborn nature of felines.

Now, the very first thing that you should set your mind into when trying to make your cat believe is that cat training does not exist. But knowing how cats think can help you a lot in gauging their inclined reactions to your implementation of proper behavior.

Invest in classical conditioning as most pets, and even owners knows how this works. Other known as rewards system, felines can learn that behaving in a certain way can give them benefits- like extra snacks or attention from you. Yelling or shooing felines away can only make your pet cat cringe at your sight and run away. Cats are sensitive creatures and a sudden change of moods can make felines to hesitate to come to you.

As much as possible, acknowledge the small efforts felines make in trying to follow your rules. Give cats as much attention as they would like it and lots of fish biscuits you can to win them over to trust you. Having their trust, they will probably follow your instructions, but always leave a margin of caution so there is no further damage that can be caused by your misbehaving feline friend.

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