Hamsters tube for your pets fun!

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Reason why hamsters have tubes

Why do some pet hamsters have tubes inside their cages? This is due to the fact that they like crawling through tunnels, passageways and holes in the wild. Naturally, hamsters of the wild burrow and dig down through the underground and make some sections for their food storages, nesting area and other activities involved in the life of hamsters. These hamster tubes inside cages simulate their original environment and won’t deprive them of their original activities in their natural habitat. This innovation let the hamsters feel that they are really in their original habitat and this doesn’t give them the feeling of depression.

Special Considerations

Hamsters are fond of playing inside hamster tubes. Choosing for the hamster tubes need much time and consideration. You can always buy tubes in pet shops but remember that the tube must have a size just enough for the size of your hamster pet. Sometimes, there are hamsters that get trapped inside the tube because they are too fat or the tube is just too small. Some hamsters really do not need tubes. Sometimes, the tubes that come with the cages you buy are maybe too big for Dwarf Hamsters or too small for a Syrian or Golden Hamster. Make sure that the size of the hamster tubes you provide fits well the size of your hamster.

At first, the hamsters would be hesitant to play inside the tube. If that case happens, do not insist them on going inside. Let them discover it by themselves, anyway, they are wise creatures, they would eventually know what those tubes are for. Don’t force them to go inside the hamster tube. They are sensitive animals.

Check Up

If there is a crack or a destroyed part of the tube, immediately check it up or change it. The hamster will have a risk in cracking his bones or damaging his body once it falls from the hamster tubes or get stuck. Don’t forget to regularly monitor the tubes you provide for the hamsters to prevent them from accidents.
Sometimes also, they would pee and leave unnecessary dirt inside their hamster tubes. You should not forget cleaning those tubes. Hamsters are animals that need a clean environment also. They should be taken good care and achieving their cleanliness won’t bother much of our time in doing so.


If you don’t have the luxury of money to buy hamster tubes, you can make your own hamster tubes in your house. It is just convenient to make and won’t use much of your busy time. You just need a folder and a scissors. But sometimes, there is an issue towards the connection of the tubes. So just buy sturdy cardboard hamster tubes in your nearest supply stores. But make sure not to use tapes with chemical substances. The hamster might get poisoned by the substance mixed with the tapes. You can also lay on some toilet tubes on the floor of the cage where the hamster can stick his nose into if he wants to hide himself from you.

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