The Alternatives to a Dirt Floor in Horse Stalls

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When used in conjunction with any type of deep bedding dirt floors can be hard and heavy work to keep clean, tidy and comfortable for your horse, and for you! A clean, deep straw bed looks lovely and comfortable, but can cause problems of it's own. So what are the alternatives to a dirt floor in horse stalls?

When you are considering alternatives to a dirt floor in your horses stall there are a number of issues you need to take into account. Cost effectiveness, ease of cleaning, benefits to the horse and benefits to you.

Despite the initial expense of rubber matting an increasing amount of horse owners are using it. Despite the initial outlay it will pay for itself over time and the other benefits of matting may make the decision to install it an easy one.

If you add up how much you spend on your regular bedding over the period of a few years, then the cost of rubber matting may not seem as large as initially thought. This is due to the fact that, if appropriately looked after and maintained, the matting can last for years and therefore is economically viable.

If a horse suffers health problems such as allergies or respiratory problems then you will know that using straw or other traditional bedding can make this problem worse. Rubber matting can help eliminate problems with allergies as it is dust free. This can mean a reduction in vets fees and more quality time spent with your horse when he is feeling fit and healthy.

Some horses can become ill if they eat their bedding, which some horses like to do. Rubber matting stops this problem if you do not add any additional bedding, therefore preventing weight gain and possible ill health. As well as frustration for the owner!

In order for your horse to be extra comfortable in the winter, despite the fact that rubber flooring can be surprisingly warm and comfortable, you can add an extra layer of your chosen bedding. Adding a thin layer of bedding can absorb pools of urine too.

No one enjoys the sore back and hands that are the inevitable result of cleaning out a traditional horses bed. Most people don't enjoy getting up extra early on a cold winters morning to spend an hour on their horses bed either! Perhaps the biggest advantage to rubber flooring is how easy it is to clean, maintain and look after.

Cleaning your matting is very simple. All you need is water and a mild cleaning agent. The biggest threat to your matting is through damage that can be caused by urine laying on it for too long. So make sure that you clean the matting thoroughly to avoid this problem and make sure you avoid damage to your horse by rinsing the cleaning solution off properly.

Although your current bedding arrangements are probably adequate for your horses needs. Given all the continued advantages of rubber matting, you might find it well worth looking into.

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