The Essential Things to Know About Rubber Horse Mats

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Horses are remarkable animals and can be great friends. If you own any, then you would be aware that horses spend the most part of their time standing on their feet. Well if what is underneath your horse's feet is concrete, it can eventually put too much pressure on them, causing pain in your horse's legs and joints. Putting a rubber horse mat in its stall can help relieve most of the pain and the stress, therefore facilitate relaxation.

One of the main advantages of using one of those mats is to preserve the heat. Concrete floors do not hold the heat very well. Putting a mat over the stall's concrete floor will help your horse stay warm and healthy. The materials use for those mats are naturally insulating. Wet concrete can also be very slippery, making it dangerous for your horse to slip and injure itself. Mats help provide some traction and avoid these incidents.

Cleaning always being a chore, stable rubber mats can make it easier for you. If your horse's stall needs to be sterilized, you will have less trouble to do so on a mat than you would on concrete or wood. You will need significantly less bedding, for the mat will be doing the usual hay bedding's job (like comfortable surface, heat, shock absorption and traction). Consequently you will find yourself saving money and time.

You can lay a mat on any solid surface, such as wood, concrete or asphalt. You can find in a range of quality, depending on what you need. The main variations on mats are the weight, the thickness, the size (you can usually cut it the desired size), the material it is made of (for most rubber), the overall texture, if they are permeable and if they are portable.

The best rubber mats should not be permeable. If it is, it will get soaked up in urine, and eventually cause irreversible odor problems. Porous mats are a different thing. They basically are made up with rough grain, allowing urine to run through with being absorbed. Of you travel a lot with your horses; you might want to consider a portable mat, allowing you to take it with you.

The texture can be present on sides, only one or neither. A textured mat will give your horse extra traction, while a smooth one will give provide you with less demanding cleaning. It always varies on your horse's necessities.

Cleaning a stall with a mat is a breeze compare to the one laid with hay! You will still need your fork or shovel, but will have a lot less to pick up than you usually would. To keep it even cleaner, it is a good idea to spray it a few times a week or month with a hose. If you are using a pressure hose, make certain to keep a safe distance not to cause detriment to it.

Rubber horse mats can bring you many advantages, as well as your horses. Remember that a horse that is relaxed and contented will be a better worker and a better pet. Prices roughly range between 30 and 60 USD.

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