Why There is a Need For Breakaway Cat Collars

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Watching our cats play all around us is pure joy. It lightens us up after a hard day at the office. And when we suddenly lose our cat, it becomes a traumatic experience as it had already become a part of our daily lives. It is only right that we take precautions so that we will never see that day our cats wandered off and never to be seen again. A breakaway cat collar is the perfect solution to prevent such day from happening. It is a very simple way of safeguarding our cat, and yet very affordable. It is designed to be perfectly safe. All we need to do is learn more about it and then you can find one suitable for your kitty.

You maybe asking yourself why should your cat need to have its own collar. First of all, it has a lot functions. The most important of which, is identification. If ever your cat got lost, any person who caught sight of it will have an idea about its owner and his address, and will simply return the cat back to you. There's also a microchip option, anybody will just have to take it in so it can be checked. Any cat, even the most experienced can possibly get lost. Indoor cats are no exception. Even if they are kept entirely indoors, things always happen. A collar will clearly identify any indoor cat. And before your little cat ends up as roadkill, any driver on the road can spot the collar's reflective surfaces which helps identify your cat. There is also a variety called flea collar which helps in keeping fleas at bay to make your cat stay healthy.

These collars however, also present certain hazards for your cat. You need to familiarize yourself with these things so you can weigh things carefully. There are times when cats accidentally get themselves caught into tight spots. Naturally, as cats roam around, especially outdoors, then there's always this possibility of its collar getting caught onto something that it can't get out of. What's worse is they won't be able to get home and could even be strangled. One of the best features of the breakaway collar is that it can give way as long as pressure is applied. If your cat is trapped, it can pull and pull until the collar will give way. That way your cat will escape unharmed.

Most collars display nylon fabric properties. It's purely comfortable, but strong and lightweight at the same time. There's a variety of colors to choose from. And some can even be personalized so you can give it your own touch by printing your contact information directly which saves you from additional tags.

Every time you fit the collar, make sure of the proper adjustments. The appropriate size should be just enough that your cat won't slip out easily, and not too tight that it will become uncomfortable. A good fit should get two of your fingers between the collar and your cat's skin. It would be better if they start wearing them in their "teens". To assure that the fit is good all the time, you have to routinely check the collar yourself.

Many cats are lost forever or destroyed. It is important to give our cats a good chance to survive with Breakaway cat collars. Your money will be worth it.

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